Michael Cawley
Nutritional Oncology
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Irish Cancer Awarness

Breakthroughs Against Cancer

The last 15 years have seen a scientific revolution in the understanding of the causes of human cancer. For the first time in our history, mankind knows how to completely eradicate cancer.  The objective of this site is to provide referenced scientific studies from peer reviewed medical journals on natural compounds that are proven cancer killers and preventers.

People battling cancer, who utilize natures cancer killers, benefit from a better quality of life, improved survival time and a much lower risk of recurrence. Amazingly, many of these anti cancer agents are available in the fruit and vegetable sections of our supermarkets. When people understand these anti-cancer agents, lives can be saved.

I remain deeply indebted to the biochemists and medical researchers worldwide who collectively have revealed the multimodal anti-cancer properties of sunlight, fruits, vegetables and Omega-3 fatty acids. Without their outstanding research, none of the work I do would be possible.


Unfortunately medical apartheid guarantee's that life saving health information and medicine is never dispensed on the basis of merit in our hospitals. Until this changes, the global cancer genocide will continue.

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